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Organic Catnip Toys

Don't settle for boring catnip toys made in China! Our durable handcrafted catnip toys are made in the USA using only the finest certified organic catnip and organic natural fibers. We never use synthetic fillers or plastics. Your cats will love them!

Ms. Gabby shakes it up with her sherpa mouse.
Megsy with carrot

What our customers say:

From the second we took it out of the bag our cat was crazy about it - she's been carrying it around in her mouth for the last 48 hours (longer, I must say, than any toy she's ever played with!)
, Indianapolis, IN
Tyché is almost blind, and has a hard time keeping track of most of his toys, but the catnip must be very strong in your toys, and the wool must be very fragrant, because I see the toys all over the house, indicating he has found and played with them. I can't thank you enough for making quality, organic products.
, Tucson, AZ
I purchased a catnip snake from you at the Fair for my two cats. They love things like that! I brought it back to the B&B where I was staying. The B&B has two resident cats, but the owners told me that their cats had never really shown any interest in catnip. I left the bag containing the snake in my room when I left the next day to return to the Fair. When I got back to the B&B that night, I was surprised to discover that the paper bag containing the snake had been shredded, and that the snake was missing! We searched a little bit, and eventually found the snake stashed under an armchair in my room. We also figured out who the culprit was when he later returned to the scene of the crime. So much for not being interested! Because I wanted the snake to make it to my house in one piece, I left it in the car for the rest of the weekend, where I KNEW the cats wouldn't be able to get it!
, Wisconsin
I just wanted to tell you that Oreo loved her toy!!! That mouse is the only thing that she has played with since I gave it to her.
, Indiana
The brown mouse has been THE FAVORITE toy of all three of our cats for a year!
, Arizona
Our cat MoonRay usually does not go for catnip (silly girl) but found yours to be among the best in terms of results...she enjoyed the treat for hours and has become her favorite toy. Keep up the good work.
, Maine
Last May you came to the Boulder Creek Festival and we bought a small mouse, a big mouse, and a ball. The small mouse has been a favorite toy every single day since then. Our audrey claimed it as her own and asks for it in the morning and before bed time. The other kitties share the ball and the big mouse. All the toys have held up well and we will be getting more! Please come back to Boulder. Pogo is almost 17 and it's great to see him at such vigorous play!
We received as a gift one large mouse for our three cats in England to share. However, this concept of sharing has failed spectacularly and we find we need to buy more mice! I've been around cats my entire life; however, I have NEVER seen cats respond so strongly to catnip as they do to yours! This evening, my cats tried to rip open a bag of coffee because it was stored in the same cupboard as the catnip mouse! Amazing!
, Oxford, UK
My cat Pookie never plays with anything but she went bonkers over the catnip snake (or sausage as I call it). she holds it next to her head, bites it, kicks it and loves it. She lays on it like a pillow. Thanks for making safe toys for cats!
, Tallahassee, FL
I bought 2 of the mice toys and the snake toy for my 3 cats and they absolutely LOVE them! From the second I put them down on the floor until I took it away from them; they would not leave them alone!
, Cranston, RI
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