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~Holiday Ideas~

Purrfectplay is known for its great pet toys. These make wonderful holiday gifts. And... don't forget we offer other handmade products that also make special gifts.

stockings For example:

Holiday gift wrap available

Holiday Stocking

This year we are happy to offer stockings made with 100% reclaimed natural fibers. We think they are the cutest!

Worn jeans and discarded wool sweaters are transformed into charming holiday keepsakes. Each stocking is adorned with a chunky hand cast clay button from Gaea. Individually hand crafted in our Indiana workshop, each stocking is one of a kind.

The back and cuff are denim. The front and design details are reclaimed felted wool sweater. Sturdy and Fun!

7" wide at the cuff, 9" wide at the toe, 11" long
Small Stocking - Cat   24.95
Small Stocking - Dog   24.95
7" wide at the cuff, 9" wide at the toe, 14" long
Large Stocking - Cat   28.95
Large Stocking - Dog   28.95